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Brian Daly – Kids Party King – Kids Magician Dublin

“By turning your child into a magician with special powers, I create lifelong memories of their birthday.

 You can relax and enjoy your kids party as  I entertain all ages. I love what I do. You  and your family will love it too.
 What’s the Most Important Thing to You  About Your Party? Call me and I’ll make it  happen” Brian Daly – Kids Magician Dublin.

A 100% Reliable, Professional Kids Entertainer with Over 10 Years Experience.

Superb Value Guaranteed.

For Kids Magician Dublin Call Brian TODAY: 087 9090 853 email


As well as being resident tayto park magician,
Brian is a kids magician Dublin but covers all of Ireland.

kids magician Dublin

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Contact magician for kids parties DublinTo assist your enquiry, please give as many details as possible, such as:
Time, Date of the party, Location of the party, Type of event – is it a children’s birthday party or a communion? And how many children will be there?
Don’t put this off until later. You need to book early.
And tell us… What Is the Most Important Thing To You About Your Party?

Mr tayto with Brian Daly Resident Tayto park magician

Mr Tayto after enjoying the Magic show performed by resident Tayto entertainer Brian Daly the magician

Tayto Park Magician Brian Daly with the main man

Brian mainly performs his magic show during the Summer months, but is there year-round. Check https://www.taytocrisps.ie/park/or call the Park on 01 835 1999 to see if the magic shows are on during your visit.
Attractions and entertainment in the park can depend on weather, so check beforehand.

Once you get there, visit the Outback Marquees, which are like small circus tents, and that’s where the magic shows take place. You can see if I’m there on the day by checking foursquare, Brian, the tayto park magician is also is the Mayor!

If you want to see what others thought and get tips from visitors, or if you’ve been already and want to leave a review yourself… You can see reviews of the Park and Brian Daly – Tayto Park Magician here:

Directions to Tayto Park are:
GPS co-ordinates 53.542679, -6.462815

From Dublin By Car:
Take the M2, exit 5 which is sign posted Derry/Slane on the M50, to Ashbourne. Once onto the M2 continue to the very end of the motorway until you come to a roundabout take the first exit onto the N2 signposted Slane.

Continue on the N2 Slane road for 3.8km and turn left onto the R155 to Curragha (Sign-posted Dunshaughlin/Ratoath). Follow this road and it will bring you to a crossroads. Turn right at the crossroads and you’re just 1 minute from Tayto Park.

tayto park ashbourne co meath directions -map

Download Directions and a map here: Tayto-Park-Directional-Information

More info about Tayto Park and it’s attractions and entertainment (including a mention of Brian Daly being resident magician) can be found here:


Tayto park magician with mr tayto

Tayto park magician with Mr. tayto


Magician in tayto park on the zip line

Magician in tayto park on the zip line


Children’s Magic show where your child is the star!

Favourite parts of the Children’s Magic show:
Brian growing his head 100 times it’s normal size.
Turning your daughter into a princess, or your son into a superhero.
And of course, Brian’s side-kick “Sally the Psychic Skunk” – Performing mind-reading and predicting the future.
And plenty of other surprises, prizes, games and fun.

Your child become the hero of the party…

children's magic showThe Birthday child becomes a magician and does some hilarious and amazing magic all by themselves. Imagine how happy your child will be when Brian has messed up a trick, and the show has to end, but they cast a spell, wave the magic wand, rescue the show and do some amazing magic too. Your children will remember this special moment for the rest of their lives. Brian did his first show over 10 years ago and kids still come up to him at festivals and other parties to share their stories when they were the hero of the party.

It’s Fam-tastic!
All ages will enjoy the “children’s” magic show, from 4 to 104. Brian regularly performs at major festivals such as St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, which means that all your guests will be entertained. Brian is also resident magician in Tayto Park and is a firm favourite with families of all ages.

The show itself involves a lot of laughter along with the magic. One of Brian’s best-known  magic tricks is eating a balloon, seen in the video here
No matter where your children’s magic show is, how many people you’ve invited, and what their ages are, The Bottom line is this:

Ireland’s top children’s party entertainer will amaze and amuse all ages with his hilarious children’s magic show. You will need to book well in advance. Contact Brian today to guarantee availability.
Call Brian now for a chat about your party. 087 9090 853

Here are the top party planning ideas and tips to make sure your party goes smoothly. Having performed at birthday parties for over a decade, I’ve seen everything that can go wrong, but with my tips below, you won’t have to worry about a thing, just do the following:

8. Hide all breakables and valuables. A group of  kids playing Frisbee with your DVD collection may be fun for them, but it won’t be for you.

7. Delegate! If you can’t get an adult or two, get older siblings to invite one friend each, then give them jobs. An extra pair of hands is always useful when 4 kids have lost their shoes, 2 more have lolly pops stuck in their hair and you need to take the pizza out of the oven.

6. Contact details. Do a quick check as parents arrive that you have their phone numbers. And check that that particular parent isn’t going “off duty” to the day spa, switching their phone off and treating you like a babysitter. And remind parents of the pick-up time when they arrive too.

5. Pets – Unless your pets are used to having large groups of hyper kids chasing them and feeding them party food, leave them with a neighbour, or outdoors. And also consider that some kids may be afraid of your pets. One type of animal at your party is enough.

4. Balloons outdoors ONLY. This helps people find the house, because you don’t want people ringing you asking “which number is it again?” while you have your hands full getting ready. Also, balloons are fine outside, but can go wrong inside. They’re actually frightening and dangerous  to some kids, if burst. Also, every balloon will end up being 2 peices of rubbish you have to clean up later.

3. Speaking of noise… Those party whistles, don’t bother. The party will be noisy enough without them. As a rule, only buy noise-making party toys if you’re going to hand out headache tablets too.

2. Party Food – I learnt this from a very clever mum who tells me it was actually an idea of mine, she got when she first booked me 7 years ago… Keep leftovers and clean-up to a minimum by making party food that the kids can take home in goody bags. Think cold savoury snacks.

1. I know this sounds cheeky but… Book The Kids Party King.
I have solved all of these problems and hundreds more. You’re in safe hands if I’m there. You get to sit back, relax, enjoy the party and actually spend some time with your kids on their special day. Think of me as a glorified baby-sitter with over 10 years experience that can do a hilarious, fun magic show that your children will remember forever.

Call Brian directly on 087 9090 853 to check availability.

Kids Party Magic Show Video

Pickpocket Magician Videos

Stealing watches:

Wedding Magician Video:

Festival Magician video:

Brian Catches a Leprechaun:


For an ideal Christmas present look no further. Give your Child the gift of Magic this Christmas.

You know how kids sit at computer games all day, which means they interact less than they should. The Minor Miracles DVD will make them turn off the computer, to learn fun and educational skills they’ll have forever.
Imagine when your child makes things move without touching them, or starts floating in your living room. It’s like the special effects their so fond of, but in real life!

Real life fun. A skill they’ll have for a lifetime. Superb Value.
ONLY €15 and with Free Postage

Suitable for ages 6 to 106

Whether you want something special for your kids, or to learn a few cool tricks for your Christmas party, the Minor Miracles DVD is ideal for all ages.
It’s the best value Christmas present ever.



The DVD teaches your child 11 of the greatest tricks in the history of magic for only €15…

1. Ring Thru Rope – A borrowed ring magically melts onto a rope
2. Impressive Elastic Trick – A classic of magic and the secret is now yours
3. Matching Card Mystery – You’ll predict the future and make psychic sally look like a novelty act
4. Jumpin’ Ring – Amazing sleight of hand -makes you look like a cross between a magician and a ninja
5. Jedi Mind Trick – You’ll look inside people’s brains and read their minds
6. Amazing Arm trick – Tie a rope around someone’s arm and make their arm pass through it.
7. Rising Ring Miracle – You will defy the laws of physics with just a ring and an elastic.
8. Vanishing Coin – Anytime anywhere you’ll be able to make a coin disappear

9. Wallpaper Wind-Up – A prank, optical illusion + magic trick all rolled into one
10. Sticky Situation – If you can’t have fun with this trick you are officially boring

How To Float!! – This alone is worth the price of the DVD. You will learn how to float above the ground. No wires, magnets or mirrors.


All Tricks on The DVD…

◊Use ordinary things like elastics and books. You won’t need to buy any special magic props or spend ages making things.
◊Are Educational but non-boring. Magic teaches kids public speaking skills, which aren’t taught in school.
◊Are easy to do, and are the best tricks from the ones Brian Daly teaches in magic workshops around Ireland.
◊Are Suitable for kids and adults. Kids will have something to show their class mates, adults will have a few party pieces.  



Highlight of the day was Brian’s magician show, all our kids loved it, but my wife and I loved it even more. We laughed more during the show than at any comedy we’ve seen. Top class.
Click here for a full review of Brian’s Tayto Park Magic show.

Tayto Park Magician Tayto Park Magician