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Al Kazam Magician Dublin A.K.A – Brian Daly

By on Mar 12, 2014

Al Kazam Magician Dublin – AKA: Brian Daly.
Al Kazam is the lesser-used stage name for Brian Daly.These days Brian prefers to go by “Magic Brian” or just Brian Daly. These names are definitely less-kiddies entertainer and more suitable for the family and/or adult shows that Brian performs at. And let’s face it, what Brian does is more family entertainment than kiddies entertainment, so his name should say that.

This post basically means that hopefully anyone that still knows Brian as “Al Kazam” will find the right information here. And if Brian ever decides to resurrect the name, it’ll be no problem because it’s saved here.
A silly stage name isn’t really Brian’s style. When the adults are laughing as much as the kids, it doesn’t suit to have a clown-type magician name.

If you want to see Brian in action you can see him live. He is resident Tayto Park Magician and performs regularly throughout the year and mainly when the kids are on holiday.

Al Kazam or Brian Daly, is still performing regularly at kids parties. And has another website over at www.BrianDalyMagic.com purely for non-kids-party events such as family events, weddings and festivals¬†if you’re interested.

Here is the old logo for Al Kazam Magician Dublin, as used by Brian in recent years and sometimes it’s still used by people who book Brian repeatedly for the past few years. That’s what they know him as, and that’s what they’ll always call him.
Brian Daly – or Al Kazam Magician Dublin – 087 9090 853

Al Kazam Magician Dublin