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Party Planning

Here are the top party planning ideas and tips to make sure your party goes smoothly. Having performed at birthday parties for over a decade, I’ve seen everything that can go wrong, but with my tips below, you won’t have to worry about a thing, just do the following:

8. Hide all breakables and valuables. A group of  kids playing Frisbee with your DVD collection may be fun for them, but it won’t be for you.

7. Delegate! If you can’t get an adult or two, get older siblings to invite one friend each, then give them jobs. An extra pair of hands is always useful when 4 kids have lost their shoes, 2 more have lolly pops stuck in their hair and you need to take the pizza out of the oven.

6. Contact details. Do a quick check as parents arrive that you have their phone numbers. And check that that particular parent isn’t going “off duty” to the day spa, switching their phone off and treating you like a babysitter. And remind parents of the pick-up time when they arrive too.

5. Pets – Unless your pets are used to having large groups of hyper kids chasing them and feeding them party food, leave them with a neighbour, or outdoors. And also consider that some kids may be afraid of your pets. One type of animal at your party is enough.

4. Balloons outdoors ONLY. This helps people find the house, because you don’t want people ringing you asking “which number is it again?” while you have your hands full getting ready. Also, balloons are fine outside, but can go wrong inside. They’re actually frightening and dangerous  to some kids, if burst. Also, every balloon will end up being 2 peices of rubbish you have to clean up later.

3. Speaking of noise… Those party whistles, don’t bother. The party will be noisy enough without them. As a rule, only buy noise-making party toys if you’re going to hand out headache tablets too.

2. Party Food – I learnt this from a very clever mum who tells me it was actually an idea of mine, she got when she first booked me 7 years ago… Keep leftovers and clean-up to a minimum by making party food that the kids can take home in goody bags. Think cold savoury snacks.

1. I know this sounds cheeky but… Book The Kids Party King.
I have solved all of these problems and hundreds more. You’re in safe hands if I’m there. You get to sit back, relax, enjoy the party and actually spend some time with your kids on their special day. Think of me as a glorified baby-sitter with over 10 years experience that can do a hilarious, fun magic show that your children will remember forever.

Call Brian directly on 087 9090 853 to check availability.