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5 tips from Communion Entertainer Dublin Brian Daly

By on Mar 6, 2014

Brian Daly (AKA: Al Kazam) the communion entertainer here. Having performed at 100’s of Communion Parties, I put together 5 tips to give parents an insight into the world of the Communion Party, but from a professional magician’s perspective.

Your child’s Communion is one of the most important days in their lives. So to guarantee that they have a happy, memorable day simply follow these 5 steps.

1.Keep ‘em Busy. Have something planned for the guests. Keeping the kids busy with magic shows or any type of communion entertainer and party games will keep everyone happy. It’s no different to a birthday party, if the kids get bored they’ll make their own fun. 15 Kids using your bed as a bouncy castle is the last thing you want.

2. Ask Around. If you decide to book a children’s entertainer, ask around. Picking someone at random is a risk. Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone. Any good magician, clown or face-painter will always have people ready to recommend them to a friend. I know of a fantastic face-painter that I would be happy to recommend, for example. If you don’t find someone that comes recommended, ask the entertainer for testimonials from their previous clients. It’s the next best thing.

3. Get Your kid in the show. When you make contact with the children’s entertainer, ask that your child is made part of the show. It’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives – Standing in front of their friends and family, making them laugh and getting to be “the Real Star of the Show” by performing some wonderful magic. You’d be surprised how your child might shine under the spotlight. See how Brian does this in his magic show here.

4. Book Early. BEWARE! May is a very busy month for all family entertainers. On top of the usual birthday parties and Family days, nearly every child in the Country is having a party, within the space of 40 days, and they all want an entertainer too. BOOK EARLY BY CLICKING HERE! Each and Every May I turn down more shows than I do. The Supply cannot meet the demand. Too many parties, too few magicians. And by booking early I mean 3-4 months early. I have had parents ring me 3 weeks before the communion, and an in a panic because It’s too late, everyone is booked out, and they thought they were ringing early.

5. Uh Oh… As stated, the SUPPLY CANNOT MEET THE DEMAND. This leaves the month of May wide-open to what I will call “not-so-great” children’s entertainers ready to exploit your need. I have heard a lot of horror stories over the years of people calling themselves entertainers, sending out a few flyers during May and doing poor, low standard work for a quick few quid. The only reason they get work in May is because the demand is so great, and people become desperate thinking, anyone will do.

So there you have it, 1-Keep ‘em busy, 2-Ask Around, 3-Get your kid in the show, 4, Book Early. Follow these 4 and you won’t need to worry about step 5.

If you’re thinking of having a magician or something similar at your next party, call, email or txt for a quick chat about your day.

If I am already booked I will do my best to find you another communion entertainer that I know will do a good job. It might sound strange for me to recommend my competitors, but I’d prefer if you get someone good. That’s better for everyone in the long run.

Wishing you all the best,

Brian Daly – Communion Entertainer Dublin
087 9090 853

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