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Magic workshops – ideal for older kids

By on Mar 10, 2014

Looking for something different to entertain the difficult ages of 8-15 year-olds at a party?
Magic Workshops are just the thing….

Why not have Brian Daly – the Kids Party King do magic workshops and teach the children how to do magic tricks themselves like… Read someone’s mind, levitate off the ground and perform sleight of hand miracles!

Older children like to think they are too old for the standard magic show. And in most cases they’re absolutely right. They deserve to be treated like the intelligent young adults they are. But they still want to have fun while not being treated like silly kids. Magic workshops are ideal party for this age group.

There are over 20 fantastic magic tricks in the workshop that you can learn at home during the party in your living room. None of the tricks require special equipment; they’re all done with things you’ll find around your house, and Brian supplies all the necessary secret props. And the kids get to keep everything once the magic workshop is done.

These tricks were carefully selected while Brian was working in Dublin City University as both a children’s magician and a magic teacher in the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland. Each trick was chosen because even kids were able to do all of them.

The magic workshops are full of in-depth explanations and live performances so you can see how the trick works in real time.

It’s designed specifically for younger magicians. So no matter what age, they can impress people with what they learn here.

Parents love their kids to learn magic because certain tricks use some maths, science, spelling and good old trickery. So it’s educational in a non-boring way. And also, these days it’s hard to get quality family time so here’s the perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon around the kitchen table with Mam or Dad learning the ancient art of magic.

It’s a skill your children will have for a lifetime. And a party they’ll be thanking you for organising for years to come.

Everyone can learn some magic to show friends, family or work mates. And we’re talking real eye-popping magic, not the crappy tricks that come in most magic sets…

As a professional children’s magician and magic teacher I can tell that when my students come to me with magic sets from the toy shop, they’re not able to even do 3 tricks in the whole set. And more often than not, a lot of the cheap props are broken.

So there you have it, imagine that crowd of hard-to-please older kids out from under your feet for at least an hour, laughing, enjoying themselves and all the while learning some very useful public speaking skills and gaining in confidence.
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