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The right way to book a children’s party entertainer

By on Feb 28, 2014

childrens party entertainerChildren’s birthday party entertainment can be a fun job, and every once in a while the kids surprise me with how funny they can be…

Over the years I’ve had some mad and wonderful things happen as a children’s party entertainer, and have a lot of funny stories to tell mainly about the funny things that happen while entertaining children at parties.
This didn’t happen during a show, but it’s one of the funnier stories. It’s about a kid who knows what he likes, and is going straight for it.
Enjoy, and check out the rest of my blog for more.

After performing as a children’s party entertainer recently, as usual, I handed out colouring sheets for all the kids, to colour in when they got home, to win a prize.
One little boy kept asking me questions about the sheet, “How do we colour it in?” “Where do we send it?” etc…
Then he asked what the numbers at the bottom were for. I told him “It’s for people who want to contact me or book a magician. They ring the number and tell me where the kids party is on and I come along and do a magic show for the children”
After he asked another 400 questions, including what car I drove, if I had any pets and if I wanted some of his party food and how did I become a children’s party entertainer. Then he ran off to stuff his face with even more party food.

About a week later, I get a call. I assume it’s from one of my friends trying to prank me. It’s the voice of this 6 or 7 year old… “Hello, hello, is that the magician man that’s from the colouring page?”

I say, “Yes, who is this?” Thinking it’s one of my mates having a laugh.

The kid says… “My name is Craig and I’m going to need book a magic show for my birthday party, can you come over to do the magic show?”

I realise this is for real, not a prank, so I ask him to put Mummy or Daddy on the phone so we can chat and I tell him “Maybe I can come and do the magic show, but only if I’m not busy.”

Then the smart little kid goes “Thanks I’ll ask my Mum to talk to you now. But if you do the show, don’t ask any girls to come up and help, only boys. Girls aren’t nice but Mum says I have to bring some to my party”

Mum took the phone off Craig and we had a good laugh about the whole thing. She said he’d never done anything like that before. But I’m not sure if I believe her, this kid was very savvy.

Funnily enough, Craig got his wish and I ended up performing at his birthday party. I told everyone the story at the children’s party and it got a great laugh. His Mum cancelled the surprise bouncy castle she had planned, when she saw how much he wanted to book a magician.

If you want to book, but don’t want to leave it up to your kids, my contact details are here

There is no higher accolade as a children’s party entertainer than having the children themselves ringing to book a magician for their own party.

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